Gone are those days when a couple has to sulk for the rest of their lives that they cannot conceive and become parents. Research and development carried on different parts of the world has revealed the reasons for infertility. On learning the root cause of a problem, the research can be progressed to a new level. The same stands true for infertility. There are excellent ways for artificial fertility or assisted reproductive technology (ART) that a couple can access and enjoy parenthood. It all depends on the cause behind infertility. This is where Infertility Treatment comes in very handy. One of the most successful treatments in this segment is In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Increasing awareness regarding infertility

It was in the year 1978, Louis Brown; the first IVF-conceived child was born. She was the first in history to be born via an assisted reproductive technology. Since then, the world has started expressing the drawbacks of infertility. Debates and R&D lead to the foundation of excellent fertility techniques that we are using to bless a couple with parenthood. The development took us to a new level of human cloning, artificial wombs, and uterine transplants.

In the year 2010, a survey suggested that more than 48.5 million couples were infertile. The rate of increase in infertility is also alarming. Lifestyle choices, genetic disorders, and substance abuse are the prime reasons for infertility. Research also revealed that the first birth age of women has also increased. It is also a wrong assumption that infertility is a modern issue. It has been prominent in the past too.

Male infertility was also considered as a taboo topic and most of the time, women used to get the blame for childlessness. Now that IVF has been a great success, all these problems are going to be terminated soon. People can now seek Infertility Treatment from any clinic they want and find their peace of mind.

How IVF has changed the perspective?

IVF was a scientific miracle 40 years back. It has now transformed into a brilliant platform where the infertile couples can seek treatment and get blessed with a baby. The growth of IVF centers in India and other countries show how this concept has been adopted by the current population.

Previously, adoption was the only cure to infertility. Now IVF has revolutionized the path to parenthood, a majority of the infertile couples are trying to find the answers from an experienced fertility expert.

An IVF cycle can increase the chances of pregnancy but it also shows a relatively higher rate of failure too. On continuing the cycle treatments, the success rate rests on 32.2% for women under the age range of 35 years.

Final words

The advent of Infertility Treatment has also reduced the degree of public ignorance regarding this issue. People now are more open to discuss these types of issues and find the solution in a sophisticated infrastructure. This is how IVF has changed the way we think.