Surrogacy means a substitute in Latin. It means that someone will be chosen as a substitute for availing of parenthood benefits. The use of surrogacy in assisted reproductive technology is prevalent in many countries. For this, a couple needs to find a proper legal platform to avoid any confusion or problem in the future. To avail of surrogacy treatment, one needs to know a few things before making a decision.

Things to know about surrogacy

  • Reason for surrogacy

If a woman is unable to conceive due to infertility issues or hysterectomy, she will need another woman for carrying on pregnancy terms in her womb. In fact, if a condition is not allowing her to become pregnant and might impart danger on the growing child inside her womb, she can choose surrogacy as an answer. A same-sex couple can also choose surrogacy as the right option for parenthood. For this, they will need an egg donor, as well as, a surrogate womb to nurture the child.

  • Recent trends in surrogacy

There are some challenges in availing of the benefits of surrogacy. A candidate needs to be chosen who will perform all the actions from getting pregnant and continuing the pregnancy term until the birth of a child. Surrogate mothers can be arranged by a clinic but it has to be absolutely legal in a country. Paid surrogacy is common. In fact, many foreigners visit a different country in search of Surrogacy Treatment. Reproductive tourism is a huge part of medical tourism in India. There are specialty clinics in India that offers exceptional treatments for infertility and bless the couples with parenthood. Despite the good causes, there are certain laws that have to be maintained before making a decision.

  • International market for surrogacy and its changes

Surrogacy is the absolute answer to infertility. It is the only way to overcome infertility issues and become parents. Its feasibility and effectiveness are decided by the medical institution whereas the government will decide the legal terms for availing the facilities.

  • Surrogacy attracts a lot of expenses

Surrogacy will cost you dearly when you have to pay for the services to a surrogate mother. In fact, from the very beginning of treatment, you will have to be the investor in this process. For the entire pregnancy term, you will have to bear all the expenses.

  • Surrogacy types

Traditional surrogacy is the process where a donor gives her eggs. They are then inseminated and introduced in the uterus of the same donor.

Gestational surrogacy is the process where the donor and carrier are not the same people.

  • India accepts altruistic surrogacy

It happens within a family where the donor or surrogate mother will be kin to the couple. The commercial arrangement is not distinct in this process. The surrogate mother will be the legal mother. A legal process has to be followed to transfer the motherhood of a newborn.

Final words

Availing of Surrogacy Treatment in India has some constraints but can be arranged when all resources fall on the right places.