The introduction of artificial reproductive technology (ART) has blessed many couples with parenthood. These treatments help the couples, unable to conceive in a natural way, to become parents. One of the most successful treatments is Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI). The doctors and support staff need to be available for such treatments. In fact, the mental and physiological support a patient needs is of utmost importance to achieve success too.

What is IUI?

This is an artificial reproductive procedure where the refining of sperms collected from a donor. He can be the male in a couple or a 3rd person donor. Once the sperms are washed and cleansed from dead cells and low-performing ones, the finest samples are collected. These sperms are then placed inside the uterus of a woman using insemination tools under the supervision of an experienced fertility expert. This insemination part of an IUI Treatment is done using a catheter when a female is ovulating. The treatment is also boosted using fertility drugs. A course is completed before the procedure is started in order to assure that the female is ovulating. It is similar to natural conception. The only difference is that a catheter is used to introduce healthy sperms deeper inside the uterus for assured fertilization.

When it is recommended?

This process is recommended for the couples where the female is suffering from mild endometriosis, lack of proper cervical mucus, ovulatory dysfunction and unexplained infertility. In males, sub-fertility and ejaculatory failure also lead to this treatment.

Success rate of IUI

It is a very simple process that does not need any medical attention. A female has to go through a medication process to keep her ovulation at the top of its game. For the above reasons, natural insemination is not an option. The use of IUI can lead to pregnancy for such couples. A singe IUI treatment cycle can lead to a 20% success rate of insemination. When the number of cycles is increased to 3-6 times, the IUI Success rate can go up to 80%.

The age of a female also influences the success rate of this treatment. It also depends on the semen sample of the donor and the physiological conditions of a woman. Considering all the factors, a fertility expert suggests how many cycles will be needed for conception in an artificial way. Women aged above 40 years will have a success rate of less than 8%.

IUI treatment cost

It all depends on the infrastructure of a fertility clinic. The government medical institutions seek less cost for a single treatment. In fact, the IUI Success rate is also less. An advanced infrastructure will automatically increase the success rate. The cost of IUI treatment varies from INR 8,000 to INR 15,000 for each cycle.


Choose a proper clinic and consider consulting the best IUI expert before you take any decision. This will help to increase the success rate of an IUI treatment. Find the root cause of infertility and act accordingly.